The Centro de Idiomas del Sureste, A.C. welcomes you to the English Teacher┬┤s Training Program, a 2 year-course approved by the Yucatan State Secretary of Education (SEGEY).

The first year of this course consists of 175 hours of classroom instruction of a wide range of pedagogical theories associated with the English language teaching; it is divided into 5 modules of 35 hrs. each. After being presented with ideas and theories for each module (listening, reading, speaking, writing or methodology), the candidate has the opportunity to demonstrate his understanding and ability by planning and presenting 2 micro-teaching sessions. The first is done in the training class, the second in a real classroom situation with real students. Each of the 5 modules is independent from the rest. This flexibility is designed to allow candidates to enter or leave the program at any point. When it is convenient, a candidate simply re-enters the cycle when a missing module is offered again. Once all five on-site modules are successfully completed, the candidate may begin the 2nd. year of the program in the following month of September.

The second year of the program requires 35 hours of monitored professional internship academic, research, observations, attendance to professional seminars and the planning and implementation of an original didactic project for teaching English.

For more information please call Chloe Pacheco Conaway al (999) 9269494 ├│ (999) 9261155, o por e-mail: